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Park Rules & Policies

Park Rules

Due to nutritional balance and animal safety laws, only food provided by Living Treasures may enter the park and be fed to the animals. No outside food, including carrots and lettuce, may be brought into the Park from home and fed to the animals.

  • Feed animals carefully from the palm of your hand. Let the animals come to you; do not reach through or over any fences.

  • Fences and exhibits are not to be climbed or crossed for your own safety and for the safety of our animals.

  • Do not tap on windows or otherwise tease any animal.

  • Litter is harmful to animals. Trash should be disposed of in the provided receptacles. 

  • Smoking in Designated areas ONLY.

  • Adult supervision of children is required at all times.

  • Running is not permitted.

  • Animals should never be picked up or chased.

  • Leaves and flowers should be left in their habitat and not picked.

  • Always wash or sanitize your hands before and after any contact with animals.

  • Anyone who we feel poses a threat to the animals or our facility will be dismissed from the park immediately and without refund. Misconduct of any kind will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Violating any park rules can result in immediate dismissal from the park without refund.

Park Policies

For the safety of all guests, animals, and staff the following policies have been implemented:

  • All animals have the choice to be out in their exhibit. During inclement weather, the Tigers, Tapir and Gibbons will move inside.

  • The park remains open when it is safe to do so, even in the rain. Umbrellas are available for purchase at the gift shop.

  • Check the weather before your visit. We cannot offer rain checks. Visitors already at the park are welcome to browse the gift shop before deciding to purchase entrance to the park. 

  • Living Treasures reserves the right to close the park early in the event of severe weather. 

  • Merchandise refunds and exchanges are available with a receipt. 


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