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We are now OPEN for the 2024 season!

*Please see park hours under the PARK INFORMATION tab.

All hours are weather dependent.


Living Treasures Wild Animal Park is the place to be whether you are young at heart, an old soul or anywhere in between.  We are located just 4 miles west of exit 99 on I-79 in a wooded setting that provides an abundance of shade for animals and visitors alike. With wide walkways and ramps ensuring access to some of the exhibits, everyone will enjoy the Living Treasures experience. 

A Zoo For All Ages
Touch, Feed and Interact with Our Animals

Living Treasures Wild Animal Park is a highly interactive zoo where you are up close to over 500 animals including 70 different species. You can pet a pony, chat with the goats and hang out with our aviary birds as they eat from the palm of your hand. Remember to stop by the Photo Center where you can have your picture taken with one of our Kangaroo or Wallaby Joeys or snake. 

Our Commitment To Our Animals

All of our animals are provided with quality nutrition, health care programs, and a clean facility. We provide our animals with more than double the space required by the Department of Agriculture. Our animals have a sanctuary available to them at all times. When they come to you, its because they want to. We reserve the right to refuse admission or to dismiss from the park any person who, in our opinion, poses a threat to the well-being of our animals.

**Due to nutritional balance and federal animal safety laws,

Only food provided by Living Treasures Animal Park may enter the park to be fed to our animals.

Come Visit Us!
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